话不多说,现已 我们分类、汇总了,好东西不要独享,记住共享给你并肩作战的研友!


education and health investment 教育和医疗出资
building innovation-oriented country 创建立异式社会
cast off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity 脱贫致富
financial burden 经济担负
financial status 财务情况

commodity price 产品价格
purchasing power 收购才能
aging population 人员老龄化
well off 殷实
government policy 政府方针
workforce 劳作人员
labor force 劳作力
infrastructure construction 基础设备缔造
disposable income 可分配收入
sustainable development 可持续打开
urbanization 城市化
sustainable development 可持续打开

low carbon economy 低碳经济
economic globalization 经济全球化
economic crisis 经济危机
economic recovery 经济复苏
outbound direct investment对外直接出资
foreign investment 外资
the reform and opening-up 变革翻开
expand/drive domestic demand 扩展内需
urban planning 城市方案
service industry 效能性作业
unfair competition 不合理竞赛
crisis of confidence 信赖危机
after-sale service 售后效能
enterprise image 公司形象
fierce competition 剧烈竞赛
innovative enterprises 立异式公司
brick-and-mortar store 实体店
market share 商场比例
high-speed train 高铁

cultural traditions 文明传统
cultural blending/integration 文明交融
cultural needs 文明需要
cross-cultural communication 跨文明交流
cultural diversity 文明多样性
cultural pluralism 文明多样化
cultural treasures 文明瑰宝
culture shock 文明冲击
local customs and practices 风土情面
intangible cultural heritage 非物质文明遗产
human civilization 人类文明
spiritual civilization 精力文明
adhere to the tradition 坚持传统
preserve the cultural relics 维护文明遗产
set up conservation foundation 树立维护基金会

remove prejudice and misunderstanding 消除成见和误解
exposed to new ideas 触摸各种新思维
take the essence and discard the dregs 取其精华,去其糟粕
intensified cultural communication 日益亲近的文明交流
globalization increases the cultural intermingling 全球化增进了文明的交错交融
cultural facilities 文明设备
public literature 群众文明
cultural devolution 文明退化
cultural insights 文明视角
hand down from generation to generation 代代相传
deeply rooted in…深深植根于……
cultural relics 文物
splendid and glorious cultural heritage/legacy/relics光辉绚烂的文明遗产
interpretation of classics 解读经典
mainstream culture 干流文明
popular culture 盛行文明
local culture 本乡文明
mass culture 群众文明
idol worship 偶像崇拜
exotic culture 异域文明
alien culture 外来文明
celebrate western festivals 过洋节

the widespread expansion of network 网络广泛
web-economy 网络经济
cyber education 网络教育
new media 新媒体
new energy 新动力
artificial intelligence system 人工智能体系
artificial intelligence 人工智能
smartphone era 智能手机年代
electronic books 电子书
information age/era 信息年代

pervasive technology 无处不在的科技
information superhighway 信息高速公路
technical innovation 科技立异
scientific exploration 科学探究
outer space exploration 太空探究
cloud computing 云核算
high-tech product 高科技产品
mini-blog 微博
blog 博客
cloning 克隆
information explosion 信息爆破
internet fraud 网络欺诈
information anxiety 信息(或资讯)焦虑感
information overload 信息过载,信息超负荷
information security 信息平安
internet users/netizens 网友
digital wallet/wechat wallet 数字/微信钱包
pay online and offline 线上线下付出
application 使用程序
surf the internet 网上冲浪
chat room 谈天室
online shopping 网上购物
click 点击
easy accessibility 易于操作
double-edged sword 双刃剑
hacker 黑客
hack into(黑客)人侵
computer virus 核算机病毒
be indulged in…沉溺于……
be addicted to…对······上瘾
trimental to personal relationships 对人际联络有害
the powerful effect of the web on the creative mind 网络对立异思维的健壮影响
rumor online 网络谣言
bullet screen 弹幕
electronic books reduce consumption of ink, paper and lumber电子书本削减油墨、纸张和木材的耗费
traditional books bring less harm to the eyes than e-books传统书本对双眼的损伤小于电子书本。
portable 便于带着

pollute 污染
pollutant 污染物
emission 排放物
greenhouseeffect 温室效应
carbon dioxide 二氧化碳
depletion of resources 动力耗费
limited resource and energy 本钱有限
energy crisis 动力危机
hazardous material 有害物质
urban garbage 城市废物
water shortage 水本钱短少
white pollution 白色污染
water and soil erosion 水土丢掉
rate of deforestation 森林采伐率
industrial dust discharged 工业粉尘排放
extreme weather conditions 极点气候
disposable products 一次性用品
industrialization 工业化
noise and air pollution 噪音和空气污染
excessive packaging 过度包装
carbon emission 二氧化碳排放
greenhouse effect 温室效应
traffic congestion 交通拥堵
overexploitation 对天然本钱过度开发
environmental degradation/deterioration 环境恶化
low-carbon lifestyle 低碳日子
low-carbon economy低碳经济
eco-tour 生态旅行
recycle 收回使用
raise environmental awareness前进环保知道
curb environmental pollution 打点环境污染
prevent and control pollution 避免和控制污染
keep ecological balance 维护生态平衡
reduce exhaust emissions 削减尾气排放
develop renewable/substitute resources 开发可再生/替代本钱
garbage classification 废物分类
water-saving habit 节约用水的习气
water conservation 水本钱维护
sustainable development 可持续打开
environment-friendly products 环保型产品
livable city 宜居城市
green belt 美化带
tackle the notorious smog problem 打点臭名远扬的雾霾疑问
shut down of polluting plants and banning of vehicles with excessive emissions 关停污染工厂,捆绑机动车尾气排放量
clean technology 清洗技能
limits on emissions of greenhouse gases捆绑温室气体的排放
strict fuel-efficiency requirements 严肃的能耗功率需求
pose a threat to 对·······带来挟制
policy of prevention in the first place and integrating prevention with control“避免为主、防治联系”的方针
biodiversity 生物多样性
biosphere 生物圈
natural habitat 天然歇息地
ecological balance 生态平衡
endangered wildlife 濒危野生动物
preserve rare and endangered species 维护珍稀物种
conservation zone/nature reserve 维护区
protect wildlife 维护野生动物
species/biological diversity 物种/生物多样性
chain reaction 连锁反应
drought 干旱,旱灾
hurricane 飓风
typhoon 飓风
earthquake 地震

educational innovation 教育改造
compulsory education 责任教育
higher education 高级教育
vocational and technical education 作业技能教育
system of education 教育体系
input in education 教育投入
national expenditure on education 国家教育经费
financial allocation 财务拨款
educational reform 教育变革
teaching and learning methods 教育办法
offer a chance of education 供给教育机缘
a school is society in miniature 学校是社会的缩影
life-long learning 终身学习
practical skills 有用技能
all-round ability training 全部培育才能
develop personal specialtics 打开自个特长
broaden ones horizon 开阔视野
stimulate ones interest 激起快乐喜爱
tap ones potential 发掘潜能
vocational guidance 作业辅导
vocational training 作业练习
all-round development 全部打开
independent learning 自立学习
theoretical knowledge 理论常识
era of knowledge explosion 常识爆破年代
e-learning 网络化学习
cultivate practical ability 培育实习才能
have a wider range of knowledge 拓宽常识面
educational opportunity 教育机缘
teaching facilities 教育设备
input in education 教育投入
exam-oriented education 应试教育
quality-oriented education 本质教育
high scores and low abilities 高分低能
teach students according to their aptitude 对症下药

put into practice what one has learned 学致使用
parenting/upbringing 家长教育子孙的方法
teach by personal example as well as verbal instruction 以身作则
educational background 学历
scholarship 奖学金
college degree/ college diploma 文凭
degree 学位
qualification 资历证书
overseas studying 出国留学
prestigious school 名校
academic performance 学习成果,学业体现
certificate craze 考证热
craze for civil service examinations 考公务员热
the craze for graduate school 考研热
ant tribe 蚁族
the neet group 啃老族

microsoft 微软公司
universal studios 举世影城
time warner 年代华纳
royal- dutch shell 皇家壳牌石油公司
toyota moto 丰田轿车
procter 宝洁公司
bnp paribas 法国巴黎银行
nestle 雀巢公司
walt disney 华尔特迪士尼
company philosophy 公司文明
job seeker 找作业者
job-hunt 找作业
position/post/vacancy/opening 职位
job resume 作业简历
job/career prospects 作业前景
professional expertise 专业技能
survival of the fittest适者生计
working experience 作业阅历
team-work spirit 团队协作精力
a sense of responsibility 责任感
a sense of accomplishment 作用感
interpersonal relationship 人际联络
a challenging job具有应战性的作业
a decent job一份体面的作业
a well-paid job一份高收人作业
a fat salary 收人颇丰
working/office time 作业时刻
pay offer 薪酬待遇
paid vacation 带薪假
training 培训
creative work 创造性作业
chance of promotion 升官机缘
balance work and life 平衡作业和日子
shoulder ones responsibility 承担起责任
upgrade oneself前进自我
stand up to the challenge 迎候应战
realize the value of life 完成人生价值
enrich ones social experience 丰厚社会经历
display ones talent 展示才干
promotion opportunity 前进机缘
social recognition 社会认可
accumulate experience 堆集经历
working environment 作业环境
ideal workplace 抱负作业场所
improve ones capabilities 前进才能
interpersonal skills 人际交游技能
seize opportunities 捉住机缘
devote oneself to…投身于……
be dedicated to…尽力于……
give full play to…充分发扬……
treasure opportunity 珍惜机缘
promising future 光亮的出路
bright prospect 光亮的前景
turning point 转机点
be unemployed/lose ones job 赋闲
unemployment 赋闲
dismissal 开除,辞退

instill high moral values 灌注崇高的道德观念
business ethics 商业道德
professional ethics 作业道德
virtue 美德
moral value 道德价值
improve public morals 改进社会习尚
safeguard public morality 维护公共道德
injure public morality 损害公共道德
fight against piracy 反抗盗版
observe/obey/comply with the law 遵法
be public-spirited 有公德心
be punctual 守时
disregard the public rules 无视公共规则
offend against the law 违法
rigidly enforce the law 严肃法律
break/violate public regulations 违背公共规则
break with old customs 扔掉传统
adhere to the tradition 坚持传统
carry forward…宏扬·……
national pride 民族骄傲
national identity and value 民族认同和价值观

pattern of life 日子方法
a fast-paced life 快节奏日子
health concern 安康疑问
physical health 生理安康
mental/psychological health 心思安康
mental outlook 精力容颜
stress-related illnesses 与压力有关的疾病
take preventive measures 采纳避免办法
better medical services 非常好的医疗效能
optimistic 旷达的
tolerant 宽恕的
pessimistic 绝望的
academic pressure 学业压力
socialize with peers 和同龄人交游
psychological distress 心思困惑
personality disorder 品质妨碍
shy away from interaction 躲避互动
isolated and lonely 孑立孤寂
anxiety disorder 焦虑症
emotional wellbeing 情感安康,夸姣感
state of mind 心态
emotional quotient 情商
coping mechanism 应对机制
sub-health 亚安康
chronic disease 缓慢病
physical exercise 体育训练
fitness training 体能练习
reform of medical system 医疗体系变革
nationwide fitness campaign 全民健身运动
enhance public health 前进大众安康水平
regular physical activity 常常训练身体
well-balanced diet均衡饮食
junk food 废物食物
cultivate /develop healthy habits in daily life在往常日子中培育安康的习气
live a healthy and productive life 过安康向上的日子
sacrifice ones health 牺牲安康
fast-paced life 快节奏日子
relieve tension and stress 减轻严峻和压力
obesity 肥胖
a sedentary lifestyle 久坐的日子方法
vegetarian 素食主义者
wealth is nothing without health 失掉安康,钱再多也无用
exercise and proper diet actually improve mental capacity and longevity 训练合理饮食能前进心智、延伸命数
guarantee food safety 保证食物平安





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