not only…and…, but also…这种句型是比照常见的,给我们几个例句:
the war caused not only destruction and death but also generations of hatred between the two communities. 这场战争不只构成了损坏和去世,还在两个社区间繁衍了数代的敌视。
she is not only good at painting and music, but also an excellent writer. 她不只擅长绘画和音乐,而且也是一名优良的作家。
the region not only faces environmental pollution and natural disasters but also social issues. 这个区域不只面临环境污染和天然灾害,而且还存在社会疑问。

his news reporting not only objective and accurate but also has depth and breadth. 他的新闻报导不只客观、精确,而且也兼具深度与广度。
not only…or…, but also…这种句型在逻辑上略显牵强,几乎看不到老外在用,可是也有例句:
professors should be not only knowledgeable or interested in research but also know how to impart knowledge to students. 教授们不只大约具有常识广博或对研讨感快乐喜爱,还要懂得如何将常识教授给学生。(也就是说,说话人觉得常识广博和对研讨感快乐喜爱只需要两者取一就可以,不需要兼得。)
this food is good to sell, not only because it’s tasty or sold cheaply at a roadside stand but also because it is nutritious and meets healthy eating standards. 这种食物合适出售,不只因为它甘旨或许在路旁边摊廉价出售,而且因为它富含养分,契合安康饮食标准。(说话人觉得这两种缘由都不是最首要的缘由。)
the founder of this company not only pursues commercial interests or reputation but also focuses on social responsibility and public interest. 这家公司的创始人不只是寻求商业利益或许声望,而且还着眼于社会责任和公共利益。
we should not only value personal development or family happiness but also contribute to social progress and global cooperation. 咱们不只大约注重自个打开或许家庭夸姣,而且还要为社会前进和全球协作做出奉献。
所以在not only…but also…这个规划里边, 假定要刺进and或许or,其抉择性要素仍是说话人具体要表达的意思,没有原封不动的套路。不过,高考、四六级、考研都不会研讨这么深的疑问。这个疑问现已抵达母语逻辑思维的层面,主张不要在这类常识上钻牛角尖哦。只需要做到《大学英语1.5万考点》里的短语能认得出来,且晓满足思就可以唐塞考试和往常了解了。


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